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Sales or Return

If you’re struggling to get your car sold through your own personal efforts, we at AJC CARS LTD can act as a selling agent where you as a customer commission us to sell your vehicle on your behalf.

We have massive of selling experience in the motor trade and are in a strong position as a result to sell your prestige vehicle and for the best price possible - and that’s not the only advantage to our Sale or Return car scheme.

First and foremost, you save money; going through the Sale or Return process with your car means that you don’t have to continuously pay for advertising, as well as avoiding any MOT or service costs. There’s also no need to spend any money on keeping the car clean as we will take that burden upon ourselves whilst it’s in our possession.

Allowing AJC CARS to sell your car for you also means you avoid any potential time wasters. Very few people can be bothered to deal with tyre-kickers, canvassers or just flat our joy riders; therefore, allowing us to sell your car through Sale or Return means that we do all the haggling with people you don’t know for you and dismiss anyone who is obviously not a serious buyer.
There is also no liability on your side for your car once we have sold it on your behalf, so anything that goes wrong after the sale is fully our own responsibility and we will deal with any such issues.

Possibly one of the standalone advantages to Sale or Return is the fact that a price for your car is agreed before you’ve even handed it over to us to sell, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting back at the end of the agreement.

How does Sale or Return work?

1. So we can start getting an initial valuation together, we need you car’s registration as well as information on age, mileage and condition.

2. Both parties arrange a viewing appointment to get a final valuation.

3. It is then up to us and yourself to agree on this final valuation, after which receipt for the vehicle will be taken along with any relative documentation and other materials.

4. The car will then be placed on sale for a maximum of 60 days.

5. Upon sale of the vehicle, the agreed fee will be transferred to your account. If the car fails to sell we will return the car back over along with all documents and materials.

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